I'm gathering together here some of my chamber larp scripts from recent years

Read about, and download, larps!

Some of them have got lacunae where references or more detailed explanations are yet to be completed – but they're all basically runnable from these scripts.

Still to come

Others that might appear here in due course:

Other sites

The Outsiders (with Cat Tobin, 2013) already has its own website, as does None but the Brave (with Traci Whitehead, 2014), as does On Location (with Karolina Soltys, Kate Bennett, Laura Wood, Michael Such, and Will Osmond, 2017) which is not a chamber larp but is still pretty cool.

Not written by Mo

Also here, although not written by Mo (but all the more brilliant for that):


Do let me know if you run any of these – it'd be great to hear how they went!