Primal Soup

Primal Soup is a larp for 4–8 players (or maybe more, if you have a bigger hot-tub), written by Mo Holkar. It was designed for Consequences 2018, after a suggestion by Elina Gouliou.

Public domain image of a mermaid, from
(image: by Nick Hobgood – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link)

Here's the pitch:

“Here, in the warm waters of the early oceans, bubbles rise and burst, and the water swirls: with nothing to witness it. Life here is simple and primitive. These peaceful, nutrient-rich depths provide the ideal conditions for creatures to develop, and to grow. Together, we will follow their journey through the Primal Soup.”

You can download the script here: Primal Soup (pdf)

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