Trauma Ward

Trauma Ward is a larp for 4 players and a GM/facilitator, written by Mo Holkar. It was designed for Fastaval 2019.

Public domain image of hospital beds, from Wikimedia Commons
(image: by Канопус Киля – Own work, Link)

Here's the pitch:

“Four men, strangers to each other, are in a hospital ward recovering from different kinds of
major surgery. They play through a succession of scenes during which they gradually
connect with each other and build trust, as they talk about their lives and share their
thoughts and feelings.
At the end, one by one the men will leave the ward and return to the outside world.
The idea of the larp is to explore the performance (and reality) of masculinity at a point of
bodily vulnerability.”

You can download the script here in English: Trauma Ward (pdf) and also here in Danish: Traumecentret

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