Five for Silver

Five for Silver is a larp for 12 players and a GM/facilitator, written by Mo Holkar. It was designed for Consequences 2018.

Creative Commons image by Nathan Witt
(image: by Nathan Witt – Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, Link)

Here's the pitch:

“It’s been a year since the death of notorious pirate captain Tall Jane Silver, and the scattering of her officers and crew to the four winds. Tonight, they regather, at the sign of the ‘Buck & Ear’, to celebrate her memory… or, maybe, to reopen old wounds. Secrets will be uncovered, tears will be shed, perhaps blood will spill. It is as Silver would no doubt have wished…

This is a standard uk-freeform style of larp, with predesigned characters, casting, secrets, individual goals, and plots that become exposed and during play. However! There is a fairly major twist, which is that it only lasts half an hour, and we’re going to play it through five times in succession, in different styles.”

You can download the script here: Five for Silver (pdf)

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