New Life

New Life is a chamber larp for 4–6 players, written by Ruth Trenery-Leach and Laura Wood.
(Mo thinks it's great, hence why it is being hosted here.)

Imae of motherhood
(image: Istvan on Flickr)

Here's the pitch:

The larp is about a group of women who meet at an antenatal class a couple of months before the birth of their first child. The women become friends and support each other over the ups and downs of the next five years. The larp is about the difficulties and challenges of adapting to the responsibilities of parenthood, as well as the joys. It is also about the struggle for the women to maintain their own individual identities, whilst adjusting to their new roles as mothers. It is about friendship, mutual support, change and identity.”

You can download the script here: New Life (pdf)

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